The Change Rejection Curve

Change is Coming!

Over the years, I’ve learned two very important lessons about change. First, change can’t be avoided. Second, most people don’t like change.

Change is to be expected… and is necessary. 

Do a Google search and you’ll find quotes upon quotes about change. Quotes on how to think about change or quotes on how to process change. You’ll find quotes on making it easier or reasons why it’s so hard. One such example here.

Solving Real Problems Takes Real Time

Solving Real Problems Takes Real Time

Because I’m a change agent and love to create change when it creates a better outcome, I’m a fan of solving problems. One of my favorite quotes is from Albert Einstein:

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

Strategic thinking requires tactical understanding

Strategic thinking requires tactical understanding

When I built my first proper website in 2005, it was okay at best. It was a simple Wordpress website that was mostly a blog. Early 2007, I was working for a technology company and I was able to help our agency create the website for our company. While I didn’t understand at the time, there was no strategic forethought to how that website should have been organized. 

Client Retention Starts with Sales

Client Retention

Every company has struggled at one time or another with retaining clients. Just when you think you get the formula right something changes that blows everything up.  That change could be market conditions (the current pandemic has thrown a big, honkin’ monkey wrench into the mix). That change could be something internal like a lost employee or a bad decision that ruined your revenue model.

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