The 6 Qualifications of a Web Strategist

Submitted by Corey Smith on Mon, 04/25/2022 - 23:04
Over the years, I have honed my craft to be a highly qualified web strategist. I learned the hard way… I failed many times. I'd love to say that all my failures were early in my career. But, I am smart enough to know that it's important to fail to improve. I have been fortunate to have many great people on my team that have picked up my slack. I see companies (agencies, corporate America, and nonprofits alike) hiring for strategists. The problem is that most who call themselves strategists are content to simply work on a few tactics. I am confident...

Strategic thinking requires tactical understanding

Submitted by Corey Smith on Mon, 02/14/2022 - 22:26

When I built my first proper website in 2005, it was okay at best. It was a simple Wordpress website that was mostly a blog. Early 2007, I was working for a technology company and I was able to help our agency create the website for our company. While I didn’t understand at the time, there was no strategic forethought to how that website should have been organized. 

In the end, that website I built with our agency wasn’t bad… but it wasn’t amazing. Looking back, I think we got lucky in the execution. It was a bunch of pages that sort of fit together but we were just plugging holes in content and design… and, the majority of that work was after the website was live.

How strategy typically work

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